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FLAG template


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Throughout the year there are several holidays in which you can display a patriotic Bible Quilt page: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, or Veterans' Day.


You can create a patriotic page for praying over our country & its leaders.



Or you can use a #flagtemplate to do a page on our #freedom in Christ.






Flag template $2 in the Shop


If you know someone who serves in the military, this template could be a great way to create a prayer page for their family.





I've got ONE red-white-and-blue Bonus Kit available. Perfect for that patriotic person in your family or for a July b-day gift! 🇺🇸





Have a FLAG page started? Please share in comments section below! 🇺🇸


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  • I added this 2-page template set to the shop this week and I'm using a #30daysofgratitude series I've been following to fill in my pages. ( Gratitude Documented 2019 ) There are SO many 30-day or 31-day series on social media that you can use these to harvest verses on a particular theme quickly. (Be sure and check references, though, because sometimes there are typos or misquotes. ) I thought I'd share how I'm using the flip card set to gather up my verses. This allows me to type/write out full verses to gauge the length of the verses to determine the main word/phrase I'll add to my #biblequiltjournal page. It also gives me a handy set to carry with me in my purse/car so the daily verse is reinforced as I move throughout my day. You could also pass along a completed flip card set to a daughter/mother or friend to give them a quick start on a page, or just to bless them. The squares on the templates are intentionally not numbered, so you can have variety as you do different themes. It also gives you a chance to number in whatever sequence works for you. You can handwrite, stamp or use stickers to number each square. I finished my verses on my flip card set, then glued my template pages into my Bible Quilt journal. I did a washi border around the edges on both pages so the 2-page spread looks more continuous. Then I started adding verses... What theme will you use for your #30daysof_____ templates?? Please share your ideas/pages in comments below!
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